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Frequently Asked Questions About Deck Refinishing & Sealing

My wood deck is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. What can you do to help me keep the color from fading?

Wood drying and color fading is a common problem for decks exposed to direct sunlight. The best deck stains and sealants will protect your wooden deck from the drying and fading effects of the sun's UV rays. With proper cleaning and quality deck sealing products, the beauty of your deck will stay true to color.

How can I tell whether my deck needs refinishing or if it has to be replaced?

The best way to find out what your deck needs right now is to call and schedule an appointment with our deck refinishing company. We very often find that cleaning the deck is all that's necessary to restore the beauty of the wood. If that isn't enough, refinishing can extend the life of a deck for many years more if you keep up with the maintenance.

Let us take a look. We'll never tell you that you need deck refinishing if all that's needed is a good cleaning. We'll be able to tell you if there's any life left in your deck and what should be done to restore it.

How often should I have my deck sealed?

That depends on what type of sealant was used on your deck last. The good quality sealants we use for deck sealing will last several years while standard sealants only last one year.

Is the surface dull and faded looking? Can you see scratches on the surface of your wooden deck? If so, it's time to have your deck sealed because things will only go downhill from there much quicker than you would think.

Is it always necessary to completely sand down a wooden deck and apply new stain?

No, complete strong deck refinishing isn't always necessary. Very often, all a deck needs is to be properly cleaned and resealed. New stain or paint can always be applied whenever you want to change the look as well. Your best bet is to let our professionals assess the condition of your wooden deck and give you our best advice.

If you are looking for an Atlanta deck refinishing company, please call Decked Out, LLC, at 770-847-0242, or fill out our online request form.

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