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How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Color for Your Atlanta Home

How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Color

Sometimes, it seems like the hardest part of an Atlanta house painting job is actually picking the perfect colors. As long as you already have the right expert to take care of the job for you, then the actual work will be a breeze. The difficult part of the task for you is going to be finding colors that you can live with and love, for years to come. Even with the best professional advice, that's something you'll have to figure out on your own.

How to Make Your Color Selection

So, you're done with the pressure washing and preparation and now it's time to let your professional painters apply the actual paint to the exterior walls. So, what color will it be?

  • First, make sure there are no bylaws or restrictions based on HOA rules or historical home guidelines. Some are fairly lax while others can be quite strict. It is important to know these before making any final choices.
  • Do take the surroundings into consideration. While this certainly includes your own landscaping, it also means things like the color of the neighboring houses. You don't want to end up clashing and sticking out for all the wrong reasons.
  • You should also give some thought to the architectural style and period of your home. You can find a wide range of colors suited to be historically accurate for the look of your home. So, consider these and decide accordingly.
  • Avoid fad colors. The last thing that you want immediately following getting your entire house painted is to need to paint it again, but that's what will happen if you choose a color that is too trendy. Save that for outside decorating accents that are easier to replace.

Above all else, find just the right Atlanta house painter by calling the team here at Decked Out, LLC. We promise to go above and beyond to address your service needs.

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