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Pressure Washing Tips For Brookhaven Homes

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Your Brookhaven home is a place you want to be proud of, so improving the curb appeal by pressure washing the exterior is a great idea. Getting the dirt, grime, stains, and algae off the surfaces will also add to the real value of your home.

Pressure washing is the practical way to maintain your property. With regular cleaning, your exterior will look amazing and you'll be preserving the life of your deck, siding, roof, concrete pavers, and other building materials. As Brookhaven pressure washing professionals, we've put together these few basic tips about pressure washing to help you out.

Protecting Your Yard, Plants & Outdoor Furniture

Pressure washing the house can lead to landscape damage or can ruin your outdoor furniture. Here are a few tips about protecting your yard, plants, and other assets when pressure washing:

  • Move potted plants away from the house
  • Cover plant beds with plastic protectors
  • Move furniture away from the work area
  • Examine windows for damage or cracks
  • Makes sure windows are fully closed and locked
  • Remove any decorative hanging items on the exterior of the house

What Not To Do When Pressure Washing

The various exterior materials of your property and house may seem hard as nails, but they are actually quite vulnerable to pressure washing. The last thing you want to do is use a pressure washer setting that is too high or your siding, roof shingles, concrete, and even metal surfaces will get damaged.

Even Brookhaven pressure washing professionals can do damage to these surfaces so be careful if you are cleaning your house yourself. We go through training to understand the different surface materials we are pressure washing and what setting to use to safely clean them. We also learn about the different methods that work best for different types of stains. Pressure washer settings higher than 1,200 psi to 2,000 psi can remove some paint.

Safety is important when you are pressure washing. Don't cut a gouge in your foot because you wanted to get the mud off your shoes with the pressure washer!

Choosing Your Pressure Washing Company

There's nothing wrong with hiring a professional Brookhaven pressure washing company to help you get the job done. If you are looking for help, you'll want to find someone experienced that you can trust. As you call different Brookhaven pressure washing companies, ask some questions and look for these qualities:

  • Licensed Business
  • Experience & Background
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Fair & Honest Estimates
  • Great Customer Service

If you are looking for a Brookhaven pressure washing company, please call Decked Out, LLC, at 770-847-0242, or fill out our online request form.

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